Finance Lease


Also known as a lease rental, this product is very popular given the fact that it extremely tax efficient.

How Does It Work?

The full value of the project is financed over your chosen term and you pay back both the capital and interest either monthly or quarterly. Public sector clients may also choose to do so annually.

Technically, because it is the bank that own the assets during the term of the agreement, you are able to claim 100% of the repayments (ex VAT) against taxable income.

At the end of the agreement you will have three options:-

  • Return the assets to the bank
  • Carry on renting into a secondary term
  • Pay a final (one-off) fee to retain the assets thereafter with no further charges


  • Highly tax efficient
  • Very flexible
  • Easy to retain assets at the end
  • Suits most asset types


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