Office Refurbishment


Tri-Pack Plastics design and manufacturer packaging for various different sectors including chilled foods, pharmaceutical, retail, promotional and automotive across varieties of the UK and Europe. Tri-Pack Plastics was founded in 1974 in Grimsby and is leading in the manufacture of polypropylene plastic packaging. They specialise in extruded polypropylene, as it is attractive, durable, and above all environmentally friendly.


Tripack Plastics wanted to refresh all of their offices as the old scheme had become really dated and did not resonate with their cutting edge production facilities. They had ring-fenced some capital to have a limited refurbishment carried out but consultation with the designers demonstrated that this would not have the desired result and would essentially be a waste of money. What was needed was a much bigger scheme requiring much more capital than had been originally budgeted.

Our Solution

Following a major factory extension only the previous year, Tripack felt they could not go ahead with the fit out project so quickly as it would have been a huge drain on their cash flow. They did not realise that leasing was even available for furniture and fit out projects until their chosen supplier mentioned it. Once they saw the way in which they could spread the costs over time and save tax by doing so, leasing became their preferred route and actually enabled the project to take place. We handled everything for them, including documentation and supplier payments, to ensure that the process was simple, quick and effective.

"Bluestone achieved everything they said they would and we are very happy with the build, the financials and the end result. We would recommend them and their services."

Stephen Clarke, Managing Director, Tri-Pack Plastics


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